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The four most important people in digital marketing

Nowadays, the internet and social networks have led to the creation of new and important positions in the media, but this does not mean that everything related to the digital world is done by only one person. Have you ever wondered if everything you read on social networks has a carefully planned goal? The people in charge of answering a comment or a message are also the ones who stand up for the company. Here we share several key positions if you are thinking of developing a digital marketing team.


They are in charge of positioning, in an organic or natural way, the websites in the search engines. Authentic specialists in understanding Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines in order to get users to see your website is better positioned than your competition. Have you noticed that when you look for information on a platform, you pay attention to the results of the first page? This is done through a set of organic positioning strategies. For many sites it is very important to appear first, therefore, who holds this position is essential to stand out in the search engines.


Specialist in online advertising, responsible for managing your advertising budget in the most optimal way possible. Its role is fundamental because it is who controls the budget of campaigns, in addition to supervising expenses in the area because any movement of money must be fully justified. The means of publicity can be several but mainly they are campaigns for social networks and search engines.

Community Manager

If you are thinking about making your brand known on the internet, you should know them. They are experts in managing communities around your brand, they will communicate with your users and they should be very well informed of your business, they will make your users feel comfortable and above all, giving follow up on any question asked to your company.

Web Analyst

All of the above cannot be measured if we do not have a web analyst. Their job is to know everything that happens with our website and our social networks. It is them who collect the hard data of the whole operation to obtain quantifiable results, same data that end up being the base of the reports for your clients.