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Importance of having a responsive website

The responsive web design allows us to change the design of the website depending on the size of the screen used to view the site. In other words, the format adapts to each platform for its correct visualization.

A web design optimized for mobile is not only about adjusting the content to the size of the screens and automatically resizing the images but also is a new approach to the design of web pages, due to the rapid adoption of Tablets and Smartphones.


Reasons why the responsive web design should be used in the current pages:

  • Responsive design improves usability and readability on mobile devices. Its importance increases, even more, when it becomes evident the growing number of people who access the Internet from their phones or Tablets.
  • Website owners do not have to generate different content for two different versions of the same web page.
  • More importantly, Google has already mentioned that web design is a ranking factor in search results.
  • Elevate the score in SEO, therefore you will be among the first search pages.

An official source of The Economist called that in 2017 users connected to the Internet through the following devices:

  • 91% Smartphone
  • 83% PC/ laptop
  • 24% Tablets

Almost 9 of each 10 users own a PC/Laptop and a Smartphone, decreasing the use of Desktops and increasing the use of Tablets. Also, a user spends a regular day as follows: 8 hours on the Internet, 3 hours watching TV, 2 hours and 50 minutes on Radio, going through the rest of day on activities outside the Internet.

In conclusion, having a website helps in a considerable way to find new clients, especially with the possibility that your website is seen from any mobile device, taking into account the stats that claim that people spend a great part of their time on Internet.

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