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Color psychology

What values or emotions does each color transmit to us? This is an important point when it comes to building our visual message. It should be mentioned that the psychological impact of color is subjective since not everyone reacts in the same way to each of the colors. However, there are certain generalities about the way we perceive the colors and emotions that they transmit to us.

Here are some examples of what these colors convey:

  • Blue: Tranquility, peace, security, intelligence and coldness.
  • Green: Freshness, enviroment, fertility, money, guilt, and envy.
  • Yellow: Joy, sun, happiness, energy, and instability.
  • Pink: Sweetness, femininity, health, compassion, and immaturity.
  • Red: Love, passion, power, strength, desire, and danger.
  • Orange: Success, friendship, trust, courage, and ignorance.
  • White: Innocence, purity, cleanliness, ease, emptiness, and isolation.
  • Black: Protection, elegance, death, evil, and mystery.

Did you know that 93% of purchases are made by visual perceptions?
84.7% affirm that color is a determining factor in making a purchase
80% think that color increases the recognition of a brand.
93% of people when they go to buy a product notice its appearance, 6% in texture, 1% in if it makes some sound or smell.
It is more effective in a color ad than one in black and white.

Therefore, we can see how each brand pretends to communicate different emotions and values depending on their corporate colors.

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