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Graphic Design

We generate visually stunning graphics proposals with their own personality that help to define the communication process, looking to create a connection between the user and the brand. We take care that the interface has a natural and modern interaction, created specifically for your customer and niche market.


We build solid and unique brands, we activate them to reach your target audience. We carry out corporate elements such as logo design, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, labels, folders, etc.


We design everything for you to make your brand or product known and reach, by the end user, in an attractive way. Brochures, flyers, triptychs, banners, banners and any other material that is required by our clients.


We create unique and exclusive designs for publications such as digital and printed magazines, product catalogs, books, editorial illustrations or any publication you need to communicate an idea through graphic elements.


According to the needs of your project, we create all kinds of corporate videos, photographs, and animations for your company.

Digital Marketing

To generate the impact that you are looking for, it is necessary to go beyond simple development and graphic design. At Ektroid Labs, we emphasize that technology becomes your ally to achieve your business goals. We firmly believe that digital marketing is your strongest ally and therefore, we offer a variety of disciplines so you can grow your business, communicate effectively, and generate more customers or whatever your business needs.

Social Networks

We manage your social network accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. We create impressive and relevant content for users who follow us by any means. Likewise, we generate advertising campaigns through these means to attract and retain customers in a fast and highly segmented manner, where the users provided are also potential consumers of your product or service.


¿Would you like to appear on the first pages of Google? We help you to make this possible. We carry out campaigns on Google where every time you search for your product or service, you appear in the top positions or generating interest to your consumers by displaying advertising banners on specific pages that your market attends.


We constantly supervise your page, updating the content when necessary, verifying the speed of the page, making sure that the keywords are used correctly and much more. We focus on helping you to have a better performance in your advertising campaigns.

Email Marketing

We help your clients to be in constant communication with your company, either by informing about the growth, important events or promotions that you want to share by means of an email sent to your database. This will make your customers feel confident and pleased to have you so close to them.

Web Development

We know web technology like the back of our hand. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, we develop efficient, intelligent and visually stunning websites. In addition, we make sure that your site adapts to any device from which it is visited, increasing the chances of impacting your clients, regardless of whether your site is only informative or requires e-commerce integration, reservation systems or complex back-ends, we build a comprehensive solution that is part of a digital business model and strategy that we develop together to meet your business objectives.


We design smart websites, visually stunning, easy to navigate and update using a control panel so that a constant update of your site is possible, whether in a corporate website or a blog.

Responsive Sites

We create responsive websites and suitable for any device and so you can easily reach your target audience.

Virtual Shops

We work in e-commerce sites, online stores, so you can sell your products through the internet in a simple and effective way, managing your online catalog from a very easy to use web platform.


We develop mobile apps of all kinds that wish to generate new growth opportunities and increase their sales, using the most advanced technology to offer the latest innovations in the apps sector.