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The evolution of marketing 1.0, 2.0 y 3.0

When Marketing 1.0 was recently started, it was based on the product, since it develops all its strategies around it. It is based on the basic needs of the consumer without taking into account feelings. Its diffusion is by traditional means such as television and radio, so it is not present on the Internet. It should be mentioned that its message is unidirectional because it does not provide feedback to the client and the units of measurement are very few and variable.

Unlike the previous one, Marketing 2.0 is responsible for developing strategies based on the consumer, is responsible for knowing them and satisfying their needs, reaching a specific segmentation of sex and age, as well as highlighting their feelings and the wide capacity for evaluating different products or services. This is why Marketing 2.0 communicates with, in addition to traditional media, interactive media that promote the participation of society and obtaining constant feedback. Here applies communication through social networks.

Marketing 3.0 is based on the values of society, so it seeks to reinforce the integral image of the person and therefore create a better and balanced world, this is why companies start making public that they are socially responsible. It also seeks to improve the environment, retaking green marketing tends in order to reinforce products and campaigns, joining in this trend some of the most important brands around the globe, such as The Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s or Pepsico, among others.

In what type of Marketing is your company?

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